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Welcome to The Cheese Whey Blog!

I have wanted to share my cheese adventures since I started following the cheese in October 2015.  I have had the amazing opportunities to study cheese, make cheese with multiple producers, attend a cheese conference + festival, become a certified cheese professional, and eat so many delicious cheeses.   I will, sporadically, be reminiscing about those amazing adventures here.  Mostly, I will be sharing with you my current and biggest cheese adventure, to date, becoming an artisan cheesemaker and goat farmsteader.

The Winter Winds Farm Cronicles started as weekly emails to my family and friends, in hopes to share with them what it is like to move to a goat farm and learn to take care of the animals, make cheese, and navigate the ever occuring surprises of both.  Also, to ease their minds that I hadn't lost mine.   I will be posting those emails, along with pictures, weekly.

Thank you for reading and accompanying me on this phenomenal journey!